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Rich Internet Application

Rich Internet Applications

Moving your companies desktop software to the Internet allows for instant updates, reduced publishing costs and a much broader reach and potential for sales. Users can access your application from any computer with Internet and in most cases they will not need to install anything.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

Have a good idea for an iPhone app? We can help you make it a reality. We can also make it work across multiple platforms including iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android and BlackBerry, enabling you to distribute your application to more people on more mobile devices.

HTML5 Website Design

HTML5 Website Design

Using the latest and greatest tools we will build a pleasing online presence for your business. This will generate more leads and attract new visitors to your company. If your current site is outdated, your customers may end up going to your competition. We have years of experience in website design and know what your customers expect.



Need to create an online course to train your staff? Need to teach your customers how to use your latest products? We will build you a fully customized e-training solution, freeing up your employees to focus on other important tasks and allowing your customers easy access to information. We develop our courses using SCORM, to ensure they will work in your LMS of choice.


Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search results, being at the front of the line is key to reaching your target audience. We will improve your current search rankings. We will also provide weekly analytical reports delivered to your inbox, so you know exactly how many visitors your site is getting and where they are coming from.

Cross Platform

Cross Platform Desktop Software

Need your next application to work for users on both Windows & Mac? We can do that. The days of developing for a single operating system are over. Now you can reach all of your potential customers no matter which OS they have installed.


Our Clients


Fraser is an exceptionally talented Flash Developer and Designer. Fraser has worked for us, contracted for us and just been a good friend to us. I will highly recommend him for any contract requiring a killer Flash guy.

Tom Short, President, Rare Method

Fraser was a really professional and relaxed person to work with. Every project I saw of his was well thought out, coded well and took into account that upgrades might need doing in the future.

James Martens, Sr. Web Dev, Critical Mass

Fraser’s an expert when it comes to Flash/Flex development. And his knowledge of good interface design rounded out his contribution to the team. Not only can he code but he can design! And his creative approach to solving problems and coming up with business solutions was always welcomed. Fraser is a big picture thinker, and it was apparent that he took the time understanding our business and the solutions we offer to our clients. It was a sincere pleasure working with Fraser, and lots of fun too! I strongly recommend Fraser. We’re going to miss him on our team.

Shawna Kelly, Product Specialist, RenoWorks Software

Fraser is one of the most valuable persons I have ever met. Fraser is not only a result driven and excellent person to work with but also an inspiring colleague. Smart, deadline oriented, strong and honest team player. Energetic colleague with boundless energy and always positive attitude towards work. Beside excellent Flash/Flex knowledge and skills, his passionate and can-do attitude always get job done in a more efficient and effective way. It's been a real pleasure working together with Fraser in the past, I strongly endorse Fraser.

Lon Hu, Software Developer, TeleCommunication Systems

Fraser is extremely talented. His skill set is rare in the Software Development industry. I find that Fraser brings an essential balance to our team. His ability to learn is evidenced by his ability to take his career in whatever direction he chooses with or without formal education. Fraser is always willing to take initiative and will never let issues/tasks fall through the cracks. Although I manage Fraser, I do look up to him in many ways.

Leo Lee, VP, Technology & Software Development, RenoWorks Software

Fraser is extremely knowledgeable and innovative. He used his expertise in Flash/Flex development to take our offerings to a new level that helped our company become an industry leader in home remodeling software. Fraser is not only extremely tech savvy but also creative in his ability to solve problems and bring new ideas and solutions to a project. I would not hesitate to recommend Fraser for any project that requires his expertise.

Lena Ziebart, VP Operations, Renoworks Software

Fraser is a valuable asset to any organization. He is knowledgeable and thorough in his ideas and processes when working on a project. I've worked with Fraser both directly and indirectly, and as always he delivers consistent work which is second to none.

He is passionate about Flash so much so that on his spare time, he organized the Calgary Flash User Group. And at every meeting there is always new information and interaction which keeps me interested.

I fully recommend Fraser as a knowledgeable and competent Flash Developer that has passion for what he develops. As well as being an excellent developer he has a positive and professional attitude that makes him a great addition to any team he collaborates with.

Virgil Chow, Designer, Critical Mass

Fraser is a sponge of knowledge. He thirst for information has driven him not only to be a master in Flash & Flex Development (he even organized the Calgary Flash User Group) but in all areas of his life. When Fraser's interest is sparked, he digs deep to find out all he can on that subject so he can provide the best results possible and takes the initiative to share his findings to help others grow. Years ago, when we worked at Rare Method, we worked together trying to figure out how to track flash elements through web analytics. This was prior to the simple solutions available today. He created a solution that made it effortless for me to pull the data I required to measure results for our clients. I strongly recommend Fraser as an asset to any project or business. Fraser is not only outstanding in his profession but he is also an exceptional friend.

Kita Eserve, Marketing Analyst, Rare Method

Fraser really knows his stuff! He possesses that rare (and valuable) combination of technical knowledge and creative aptitude. But wait, there’s more. Fraser is a great guy to work with on a personal and professional level. He is true leader, is always exceptionally organized and his winning personality benefits any project that he touches.

Steve Warme, Account Director, Rare Method

Fraser is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about. As Lead Flash Developer, Fraser managed his team effectively to deliver products on time and on budget. He is an excellent resource to have, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Daniel Chow, Senior Web Developer, Rare Method

Fraser was an excellent person to work with and taught me many things in the period that I worked with him. He would be an asset at any company.

Jim Wright, Flash Developer, Rare Method

I've had the pleasure of working with Fraser at Rare Method, and he is reliable and knowledgeable. He does what it takes to get the job done.

Ben Sy, Senior Developer, Rare Method

It was a pleasure working with Fraser. He was extremely knowledgeable and talented, and was definitely someone I looked up to in Flash Development. I learned a great deal working directly with him and would like to work with him again in the future.

Troydan Fissell, Designer, Rare Method

Fraser is awesome. I always loved working with him. He is solutions driven and great with clients as well. He is always willing to try new things and believed in win-win scenarios. I would definitely recommend him as a Flash Developer!

Tasha Komery, Sr. Account Manager, Rare Method

I have worked with Fraser at CM when he joined back as a Flash Developer. We were working on a large number of quick hit initiatives with a good level of complexity and needed to add a strong team member to deliver high quality work consistently and fast. Fraser was able to rise to the challenge quickly and proved an invaluable asset to the successful delivery of the projects. He has a great attitude and I’m confident that he can be a great addition to any team and would welcome the chance to work with him again myself.

Daniel Racine, Sr Project Manager, Critical Mass

Besides being a great flash dev. Fraser has many other transferable qualities: He has an excellent personality and is always a joy to be around, he has also shown leadership skills during his time working with me. I would recommend Fraser to anyone who is looking to either add him to their team or work with him directly as a freelance contractor.

MacDonald Robinson, Web Developer / Application Developer, Rare Method

Fraser has good organizational skills and great attention to details. The projects he worked on always had the highest quality standards, yet were completed swiftly.

Dan Lavender, Flash Developer, Rare Method

Fraser knows what he's talking about when it comes to Flash. Easy to work with, and always went the extra mile to get things done to the best of his capacity.

David Gluzman, Web Developer, Critical Mass

Fraser is creative, talented, hardworking, and a team player. He is able to make sense of all the ideas and suggestions thrown at him and find the most efficient and effective way to get the job done. Whether it's been for a small project or larger one, it's been a pleasure working with him.

Meghan Hui, Product Coordinator, RenoWorks Software

Working with Fraser was a great experience. Not only does Fraser have a great skills as a Flash developer, he understands what it takes to do the very best work within a timeline. He's a total professional and a great guy. You won't go wrong working with Fraser.

Graham Kahl, Digital Team Leader, Rare Method

Fraser is a passionate flash developer with a positive attitude that can get the job done.

Aaron Glenn, Senior Web Developer, Critical Mass

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